Shopping for Watches

Shopping for Watches Shopping for Watches | Authorized Dealers | How Much Will I Save Which Watch is Right for You | Spotting an Authorized Dealer | Gray Market | Watch Specialist Questions Ask the Expert Throughout the year we get calls from readers across the United States, Europe and Canada, all asking the same…

Shopping for Gold

If there is one item that seems to always spark an island shopping frenzy it is gold. Which is no surprise since the islands offer very fine gold jewelry from some of the world’s finest goldsmith’s from Italy, New York, and many other major gold manufacturing centers.

Shopping for Jewelry

Shopping for Jewelry When shopping for gemstone set jewelry you should keep in mind that quality of workmanship can affect price almost as much as the quality of gemstones.  As you consider a piece of gemstone set jewelry, listen to your own common sense.  You are not going to get a finely crafted gold bracelet…

Do’s and Donts

Do’s and Don’ts The first rule of travel is enjoy yourself.   Travel is a wonderful learning experience, broadens your horizons, should be relaxing and just plain fun.   Common sense can keep your exciting holiday from turning into a disaster.