How to find the best prices on Jewelry and save time

Would you like to receive the star treatment when you go shopping? Remember when most celebrities go shopping they don’t merely walk the streets and window shop.  They contact the store ahead of time, explain what they would like to see, arrange a day to visit the store and the merchant has these waiting for them to view.   They usually do their viewing in the back salons, away from the bustling crowds, with a cold soft drink waiting, (always decline alcohol until after your purchase) where they can view, compare, try on and bargain their best price.     YOU can do this also.   We have provided contact information on the CGI Jewelers page of preferred Jewelers.  Tell them you would like to view such and such articles on a certain date.   Mention that you found them on the CGI site.   (They will try to out do each other in showing you nice articles at good prices.   This competition gives you the edge.)    Its a wonderful feeling to walk into a busy  store, mention your name and who you were in contact with, and they smile widely and whisk you off to look at wonderful treasures!    The bottom line is: they view you as a serious shopper, by mentioning the CGI website they understand you are knowledgeable,  and by making an appointment they can focus on YOUR needs.

One tip;  the merchants in the Caribbean hold  to tradition.  It is strongly felt that the first customer sets the tone for the day.  If they buy something, business will be good.  If they leave with nothing, business will suffer.  Historically the first customer of the day, if they are bargainers, WILL get the best deal of the day.   Find out when the store opens, and BE THERE!   Just think of it, if a necklace that you really love is priced at $12,000 on Tuesday at noon, and you show up the next day at opening time and bargain the price down to $8,500, wouldn’t that be worth waking up early?     It might cover the cost of your trip.