Current Bargain for August, September and October.

Jamaica is the bargain hunters dream this fall.  Many of the hotels and resorts ( not Super Clubs though) have discounted their rates by 50- 70 % in an increased effort to draw in tourists.  Mainly this is to Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.   Negril has noticed an increase in tourism. The affluent have discovered the Eco-Tourism aspect offered by Negril and are flocking there.  The road to Negril from Montego Bay is finally finished .  Now that construction is complete we expect tourism to jump dramatically to Negril.   We suggest contacting the Jamaican hotels and resorts via internet and asking what their bargain internet rates are.    Then, bargain it down even more.   This is your chance to stay at a five star resort for a low, low rate.

Many of the other Island Resorts and the Cruise lines  are reporting an increase in bookings for the Christmas and post Christmas season.  Many are snatching up the low rates that are being offered pre-season.  With increased interest in travel, rooms at the finer resorts and cruises being booked up, the prices are bound to start creeping up.  We have reports of some travelers booking cruises in the lower levels of the ship months in advance in anticipation that they will be bumped to a higher level, and its working!

For those looking for something very different you may want to look at Turks and Caicos.  It is a relativly quiet island at this time however the cruiselines are going to start incorporating this island into their cruise schedule.  When this happens the amount of tourists on the island is going to go up dramatically.  Visit there now and you will be able to astound your friends in years to come with your stories of “I remember T&C before it was trendy”