North Caicos

North Caicos is the lushest of all the islands because of the abundant rainfall. The population of around 1305, mostly farmers live in the settlements of Bottle Creek Village, Whitby, Kew and Sandy Point. Bottle Creek Village boarders a lagoon on the northeast of the island, and is protected from the ocean by a long ribbon of sand. Like Middle and East Caicos, the southern part of the island is dominated by swampland and tidal flats. North Caicos boasts the largest flock of Pink Flamingo in the islands.

There is a Crab Farm on Greenich Creek which grow Caribbean King Crab from eggs to adults. You can visit the farm by taking a raft.

A tour of the Crab Farm offers a lesson in a Crab mariculture, marine ecology and an excellent eco-tour.

There are Loyalist plantation ruins, the grandest of which is Wades green. Lucayan artifacts were found in the caves near Sandy Point.

Cottage Pond at Sandy Point is a large pool of tropical vegetation. There are flocks of Flamingo at Flamingo Pond and mud Hole Pond. You will find ospreys and their nesting sites on the adjacent Three Mary Cays, and a wide variety of other birds on the islands extensive nature reserves and sanctuaries.

Iguanas on the nearby East Bays Cays are an outstanding example of the natural diversity of this green island.