Gold Laced Quartz

Gold Laced Quartz

Also called “Lode Gold, Matrix Gold, and Mine Owners Gold”

An extremely unique item has been finding its way back into the Jewelry counters over the last year or so, Gold Laced Quartz.  Perhaps it is due to its universal appeal, it can be both masculine and very feminine. It is very much a conversation piece.  Unlike a Diamond which will catch the light from across a room, this item must be observed from at least arms length, but it almost always demands a response.  The beauty of the stone is that no two are the same, so each piece would be an individual. Each piece of gold in quartz has its own character, and everybody wants to own a unique item.

Gold is formed in quartz deposits in the earth. When erosion takes place, exposed veins of gold break off and wash into rivers and streams. The natural movement of the water tumbles the gold against sand and rocks, forming a  Natural Gold Nugget This gives each nugget its texture, shape and character. Natural gold is found by miners, then left in its natural form; unaltered by man.

Rarely quartz is found untouched from erosion with small veins of gold running through it. The gold was mixed with the quartz while both were in a molten state. Sometimes when they solidified, veins of gold were trapped within the quartz crystals. The miner will cut the quartz into slabs to expose the gold pattern.  Slabs are then treated with a hardener / sealer that permeates any fractures that are natural or a result of explosives. The slabs will then be hand cut into individual cabochon pieces to best display the gold pattern.   This is what the jeweler fashions into fine pendants, rings, and bracelets which consumers will so very interesting.

As the cost of mining continues to sky rocket, discoveries of these rich Natural resources become harder to find. These factors continue to make Natural Gold products one of the rarest treasures on earth.  It is largely mined in California and also in Australia.  Originally in mining towns most anyone could have natural nuggets in a ring, they were readily available in those days and commonly used as currency.  However to have a piece of high grade Gold in Quartz in a ring meant that you were the owner of a very rich mine.
Today gold in quartz is even more hard to come by, Most mining is not done by hand anymore and most veins of such rich ore go un-seen or don’t exist in low grade large ore deposits.

You will see this item occasionally in the Jewelry shops in 2003.  This is considered a specialty item since it is not easily mass produced.  Each piece is therefore unique in quality and character.