Aquamarine is a sister stone to the emerald, which is why aquamarines are found in great supply throughout Brazil and the Caribbean.

The most important point about shopping for aquamarines is that the finest stones will occur in deep blue colors and NOT the LIGHT BLUE as represented by many U.S. jewelers.

In reality, the finest aquamarines, will be an intense blue color that will rival a fine sapphire for color and fire. Dark blue aquamarines are in great demand in the European and Japanese markets which is why they are rather rare in the United States. These aquamarines are quite expensive so most U.S. jewelers do not stock them.   If you ever wanted to own a fine aquamarine you should buy one during your trip. It could be your only opportunity to see so many fine gems.

Aquamarines should be virtually flawless but again, color is the most important factor. The  stones should be all very well cut and proportioned.

Most common untreated material is greenish-blue, although very light to medium blue varieties are by no means rare.


today are generally heat treated to enhance the color, to drive out the yellow and green colors and leaves the more pure blue color sought by collectors.

14k White Gold Checkerboard Faceted Aquamarine (6x6mm) and Diamond Ring

It is a permanent change, used to enhance the color and does not affect the durability or stability of the gem.

For almost a century Brazil has produced some of the finest world-class Aquamarines available.   The government of Brazil has often selected beautiful aquamarines as official gifts to foreign dignitaries.

Aquamarine received its name from the Latin word for sea water.  It is the favorite gem of sailors and those who love the ocean.  Its cool, light color relaxes the body and is reputed to banish fears and phobias.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

During the Middle Ages,  it was believed that if a person held an Aquamarine in his mouth, he could call the devil from Hell and receive answers to any questions he asked.

In modern lore, Aquamarine is the stone of genies, who promise to give those who wear it whatever they wish for.

Today, this is a favorite stone for those involved in sailing and of course diving.  One young couple who spent their honeymoon diving in the Caribbean had a wonderful necklace made for them with a flawless aquamarine.  It was a stunning piece of art, and a wonderful reminder of their honeymoon for them to pass on to their children.

” Do they have any METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES?  ”

A soothing stone, aquamarine is associated with cleansing, meditation, serenity, peace, prophecy, inspiration, tranquility, strength and the wise use of inner power.

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